Ships & Water Line Series

The 1/350 scale offers an excellent way to experience the magnificent grandeur of these famous warships. In addition to their highly accurate general proportions, these models also ofer realistic details such as bridge areas and deck surfaces, as well as precision-made parts such as masts and anti-aircraft weapons.


Famous Ships of the World in 1/700 Scale
These majestic queens of the high seas are associated with numerous epic tales from the seven oceans of the world. Modellers can enjoy collecting the ships from various fleets such as those from the Japanese Navy. This series is a collaborative effort between three model manufacturers in Shizuoka, including of course Tamiya. As the series name suggests, the models in this line-up all omit the portion of the hull below the waterline to enable them to be displayed as though they were at sea. The compact 1/700 scale is the perfect size for collecting your model fleet and the amount of detail included even in this small scale will surprise you. With over 100 ships in the series, it is perhaps the largest collection of its kind in the world!