Tamiya Scale Models Battleship #31403 - 1/700 Japanese Destroyer Harusame [31403]

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1/700 Water Line Series
Japanese Destroyer Harusame
Item No: 31403

Length: 157mm.

The Japanese Navy had acquired the "Special Type" and Hatsuharu-class destroyers, which were better armed and had higher performance than destroyers of other navies at the time. They were top-heavy however, so the new Shiratsuyu-class sought to rectify this problem. This is an assembly kit of the Harusame, completed in 1937 as the 5th ship of this class. The model depicts the ship with strengthed AA armament: one of the rear turrets replaced by a triple 25mm gun mount and an additional triple 25mm gun mount in front of the bridge. Of course the 12.7cm gun turrets and torpedo launchers are highly detailed as well.

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