Tamiya TT02 #53671 - Front One-Way Unit TT-01, TT-02 [53671]

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Hop-Up Options no.671
TT-01 Front One-Way Unit
Item No: 53671

★With driven wheels, this unit provides excellent traction; when wheels are undriven, it balances rotation disparities between left and right wheels, for minimal speed loss in corners. ★Features dedicated left and right housings, and other components.

Compatible Chassis
TT-02, TT-02 Type-S*1, TT-02D, TT-01 Type-E, TT-01 Type-ES, TT-01D Type-E, DF-02 & TT-02B*2 Chassis
*1: Use with Item 53590 Cup Joint for TB-01 Reinforced Front One-Way Unit.
*2: Insert MB16 (6mm O-ring) into joint cup.

*The official Tamiya R/C Parts Matching List has plenty of information regarding chassis compatible with Tamiya Spare and Hop-Up Option parts.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.