Tamiya STEM #70218 - Manta Ray Swim Assembly Kit [70218] Education Toys / Stem

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Educational Construction Series no.218
Swimming Manta Ray
Item No: 70218

Length: 165mm. Image shows assembled kit.

Everything's Going to Go Swimmingly!
This assembly kit creates a manta ray which swims forward thanks to the movement of a large fin-shaped piece. Powered via crank by an underwater gearbox, the movement of the soft resin sheet fin makes for a swimming motion that looks just like a real manta ray! This easy-to-assemble kit includes underwater gearbox, fin and tail float parts.        

        Options abound!
The tail piece of this model is formed by a folded resin sheet. It's attached to a float, which in turn is attached to the underwater gearbox via suction cup. Changing the angle of the tail makes the model turn, while altering the elevation of the float alters the swimming form - there are a number of fun options!

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★Length: 165mm ★Set includes underwater gearbox and motor, resin sheets (tail and fin), plus float. ★Requires one R03/AAA/UM4 battery, which it uses to swim up to 3 hours!>

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