Tamiya STEM #70089 - No.89 Walking Tyrannosaurus [70089]

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Educational Construction Series No.89
Walking Tyrannosaurus
Item No: 70089

Length: 285mm. Image shows assembled model.

Tyrannosaur in the Living Room
This simple Educational Construction kit depicts a T-Rex, the fearsome two-legged carnivorous dinosaur. Link rods and crank arms cause the head/forelimbs and tail to swing as the model lumbers forward. The rods which connect the forelimbs with the hind legs, as well as the forelimbs themselves, are metal parts while the head, hind legs, and tail are pre-cut wooden parts. Simply attach the pre-assembled gearbox and connect the motor with the switch and you can let this T-Rex loose around the house.

★Length: 285mm, Width: 78mm, Height: 165mm ★Motor Included ★Separately Required: R6/AA/UM3 Alkaline Batteries x2

Specifications are subject to change without notice.