Tamiya Scale Models Tank #35361 - 1/35 Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle [35361]

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1/35 Military Miniature Series No.361
Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle
Item No: 35361

Length: 241mm. 

On the Cutting Edge
Japan Ground Self-Defense Force units began receiving the eight-wheel Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle in 2017; it is expected to form a central part of the Rapid Deployment Regiments called for in a mobile Japanese defense policy. It certainly fits the bill, with a top speed of 100km/h thanks to a 570hp engine, and can utilize public highways as well as being airlifted. The distinctively modern turret is equipped with spaced armor and a domestically designed L/52 105mm rifled gun, working in conjunction with an advanced fire control system.

About the Model
★This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 241mm, width: 85mm. ★This accurate rendering of the Type 16 is based on extensive research of the actual vehicle. ★Authentically captures the modern silhouette with 105mm gun. ★Features crisp molding on fine details such as non-slip surface textures. ★Rubber tires have highly realistic tread pattern. ★An accurate depiction of the complex suspension features steerable front two axles moving in unison. ★Clear parts are used for lenses, periscope and more. ★Two torso figures recreate commander and gunner. ★Four marking options include the Armored Division at JGSDF Fuji School.

★The impressive, modern form of the Type 16 is recreated with aplomb in detailed Tamiya 1/35 scale.
★One point of real interest is the 8-wheel suspension, with rubber tires featuring realistic tread.
★Take a look at the complex underside of the model. The front 2 axles give unified steering, at different angles.
★The wedge-shaped turret offers movement, and an authentic depiction of the L/52 105mm rifled gun.
★Commander and gunner torso figures are in up-to-date JGSDF uniform. The M2 mount has super detail.
★Hatches for commander and loader can be assembled open or closed, with fine depictions of hinges.
★Left: Clear parts for the gunner and commander sights, in the periscope and for other glass surfaces max out the realism.
★Right: This image of the rear of the model gives a great look at the plentiful and accurately-molded accessories on the hull.
★Left: Some truly fine molding is on display on the hull, with areas such as louvers and grips really catching the eye.
★Right: No fewer than four marking options are included in the kit, plus a set of masking stickers for clear parts and muzzle brake.

★Make the details stand out!
Item 87131 Panel Line Accent Color (Black)
Item 87132 Panel Line Accent Color (Brown)
Item 87133 Panel Line Accent Color (Gray)
Item 87140 Panel Line Accent Color (Dark Brown)

★Adding realistic weathering effects to your model
Tamiya Weathering Master & Stick

★Present your model as it deserves to be displayed
Item 73007 Display Case F

Information is correct as of July 17, 2018. Specifications are subject to change without notice.