Tamiya Scale Models Tank #35358 - 1/35 German Self-Propelled Howitzer Wespe "Italian Front" [35358]

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1/35 Military Miniature Series No.358
German Self-Propelled Howitzer Wespe "Italian Front"
Item No: 35358

Length: 143mm.

Last Ditch Defense
Developed during WWII, the Wespe was based upon the Pz.Kpfw.II chassis and employed the lFH18 10.5cm howitzer, which could propel 14kg rounds over distances of up to 10.6km. Some 676 Wespes were manufactured between February 1943 and July 1944, and they saw extensive use in both infantry support and anti-tank roles, from the Eastern Front across to Normandy and Italy in the West. In January 1944, Allied forces attempted to decisively swing the balance in Italy with landings at Anzio; Wespe self-propelled howitzers were an integral part of the 26th Panzer and 29th Panzer Grenadier Divisions as the Germans responded.

About the Model
★This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 143mm, width: 63mm. ★The compact Wespe form is accurately captured. ★Open top fighting compartment features parts for rack, radio, ammo and flare cases, and more. ★Assembly type tracks feature one-piece straight sections. Upper runs depict realistic sag. ★Comes with markings for 26th Panzer Division and 29th Panzer Grenadier Division. ★Includes 4 figures total: commander, gunner and two loaders.

★Marvel at the highly accurate depiction of the compact yet tough Wespe's form.
★No fewer than four figures are included in the kit, adding an extra layer of realism.
★This close-up on the figures showcases the authentic action poses employed.
★Depictions of the tracks are assembly type, and offer realistic 'sag' on the upper runs.
★Comes with new individual parts for a host of interior equipment: flare case, medical kit, etc.
★In this picture, parts specifically updated for this model are molded specially in gray.

★Make the details stand out!
Item 87131 Panel Line Accent Color (Black)
Item 87132 Panel Line Accent Color (Brown)
Item 87140 Panel Line Accent Color (Dark Brown)

★Adding realistic weathering effects to your model
Tamiya Weathering Master & Stick

★Present your model as it deserves to be displayed
Item 73005 Display Case D

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