Tamiya Scale Models Tank #35308 - 1/48 British Light Utility Car 10HP [35308]

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1/48 Military Miniature Series No.308
British Light Utility Car 10HP
Item No:35308

Length: 112mm.

Expert Battlefield Support
During WWII, the British military commissioned various types of civilian pick-up trucks into military service. These "Light Utility Cars" regardless of the make, brand, and year of production were all pressed into service and were affectionately called “Tilly” by British personnel. The average "Light Utility Car" was powered by a 30hp engine and could be seen at various fronts. In the latter half of WWII, other vehicles took over frontline responsibilities, but it continued to roll along until the end of the Great War supporting the Allied forces in various roles at airfields and in communication use.

About the Model
★1/35 scale plastic assembly kit model of the British Light Utility Car 10HP. Length: 112mm, Width: 46mm. ★The compact and classic form of the car has been richly reproduced based on a detailed study of the actual car. ★The engine bay features an engine and other components. ★Dashboard and seats feature realistic surface texture. ★Separately molded front doors enhance realism. You can depict the tailgate and rear flap in open or closed positions. ★Suspension also features realistic details. ★1 driver figure and 4 types of markings included.

■Engine bay includes detailed engine and other components. Engine hood can be opened to showcase internal mechanisms after assembly.
■The car's undercarriage also has rich finish. The drive shaft which connects engine and rear wheels is molded with rear suspension.
■Tailgate and rear flap can be depicted in either open or closed positions. 2 kinds of parts to depict steel and wooden tailgates are included.

Painting & Marking Example.
Main Tamiya Colors required: XF-10 Flat brown, XF-68 NATO brown, XF-3 Flat yellow

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