Tamiya Scale Models Tank #35264 - 1/35 M2A2 ODS Infantry Fighting Vehicle [35264]

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1/35 Military Miniature Series no.264
M2A2 ODS Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Item No: 35264

Length: 193mm. 
Desert Campaigner
Production of the M2 began in 1980, and the vehicle received plenty of updates thereafter; one notable variant was the M2A2 ODS (Operation Desert Storm), which was deployed from 1996 and took on board lessons from service in the Gulf War earlier that decade. Many of its upgrades were electronic, including an improved navigation system backed up by laser rangefinder and digital compass antenna sensor, plus the VLQ-8 missile countermeasure device. Combat Identification Panels (CIP) were added to the hull sides and rear in an effort to avoid friendly fire incidents, and the M2A2 ODS was active in the Iraq War in early 2003.

About the Model
★This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 193mm. ★Features accurate depictions of the turret-top laser rangefinder, hull rear sensor and squared-off exhaust. ★Choose between two versions of the 25mm gun barrel (standard, or design with improved heat dissipation). ★Tracks with more durable pads are accurately captured by belt-type parts that can be painted. ★Combat Identification Panels are included for attachment to hull sides and rear. ★A plethora of accessories is also in the box. ★Comes with two torso figures - a commander with body armor and a gunner. ★Includes three Iraq War vehicle marking options.

★The straightforward design of the hull and turret with bolted-on armor is accurately captured in 1/35 scale.
★Features an opening commander's hatch and two torso figures. Choose firing or closed TOW 2 missile launcher.
★Combat Identification Panels are joined by accessories such as sleeping rolls to give your model a busy look.
★Left: Choose whether to assemble the model with the rounded hull rear gate door open or closed.
★Right: A total of three marking options are provided, including for a 3-color NATO camouflage scheme.

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