Tamiya Scale Models Tank #35252 - 1/35 German King Tiger (Ardennes Front) [35252]

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1/35 Military Miniature Series no.252
German King Tiger (Ardennes Front)
Item No: 35252

Length: 294mm.

The Roar of the King Tiger
In 1944, German forces unleashed a new terror on their foes - the King Tiger. The first fifty were produced with a turret designed by Porsche; thereafter, the mass production version used a Henschel turret. Packing a hefty punch with an L/71, 88mm gun and with armor up to 150mm on the front and 80mm on the sides, the King Tiger was a menace to Allied forces during the desperate December 1944 German offensive there. The DKW NZ350 motorcycle was produced from 1940, and later in the conflict some were seen with a smaller headlight and slimmer fender.

About the Model
★This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 294mm, width: 108mm. ★The Henschel-turreted form of a mass production King Tiger is recreated in style. ★Two different designs of gun shield (stepped and unstepped) are included. ★Features a movable rendering of the turret rear escape hatch. Other hatches can be assembled open or closed as desired. ★Comes with parts to assemble a DKW NZ350 motorcycle with smaller headlight and slimmer fender commonly seen on late war examples. ★Includes three figures.

★The bulky, powerful form of the King Tiger with 88mm gun and armor up to 185mm thick is expertly recreated in 1/35 scale.
★Features two tanker figures in realistic uniform and pose. Hatches can be assembled open or closed, and the escape hatch moves.
★A DKW NZ350 is depicted with late war features such as a knee pad-less fuel tank, and comes with a rider figure with U-boat crew jacket.
★Left: Nylon mesh is used to recreate engine cover; grilles can be given even more detail with the use of a separately sold photo-etched parts set.
★Right: Here is separately sold Item 35165, a set which includes parts for assembly type tracks that give a realistic recreation of 'sag.'
★Left: Why not power up your model or diorama with some realistic scale renderings of 88mm gun shells, available separately in Item 35166?
★Right: A separately sold option to recreate engine grilles with exceptional detail is available in our product line-up as Item 35167.

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