Tamiya Scale Models Tank #35170 - 1/35 German Panther Type G Early Version [35170]

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1/35 Military Miniature Series No.170
German Panther Type G Early Version
Item No:35170

Length: 256mm.

Prowling Armor
Initial encounters with the T-34 in 1941 were something of a shock to invading German troops, who had until that point experienced general success with their armored forces. Their response was the Panther, first fielded in 1943. The Ausf.G (Type G) variant followed on from Ausf.D and Ausf.A Panthers; debuting in March 1944, it featured sloped armor, a powerful 700hp Maybach HL-230 engine and a fearsome 75mm gun - all that added up to an imposing combination of firepower, mobility and survivability which proved a boon for German forces and something of a headache for the Allies.

About the Model
★This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 256mm, width: 96mm. ★An early production Ausf.G Panther is recreated, with realistic details such as turret and hull weld lines. ★Features plenty of accessories including depictions of spare track links. ★Turret rear escape hatch is a moving component, and allows inspection of hull interior details such as gun breech. ★Commander, driver and radio operator hatches can be assembled open or closed. ★Suspension arms are separately molded parts. ★Features belt type tracks. ★Comes with a figure in overalls and four marking options in the box.

★From the expertly sloped armor to the imposing gun, the Ausf.G Panther is captured in style. Schurzen armor plates are optional.
★Belt-type depictions of the tracks are not only hassle-free to attach, they are molded in paintable material for an extra-detailed finish.
★Commander and engine hatches can be built open or closed, and the esacpe hatch moves. A separately sold photo-etched engine grille set is available.
★This images shows the separately sold photo-etched parts set Item 35172, which can be used to provide even more stunning detail.
★This image shows the separately sold Item 12649, which can be used to apply a realistic depiction of Zimmerit to the model.
★Here is an image showing separately sold Item 35187, an ingenious product with dedicated tools that can be used for an effective Zimmerit finish.
★Left: Here is separately sold Item 35171, a set which includes parts for assembly type tracks that give a realistic recreation of 'sag.'
★Right: Why not power up your model or diorama with some realistic scale renderings of 88mm gun shells, available separately in Item 35173?

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