Tamiya Scale Models Battleship #78032 - 1/350 Japanese Navy Destroyer Kagero (2015) [78032]

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The IJN Destroyer Kagero produced by Tamiya in 1/350 scale assembly kit, is classified in Scale Models - Military Series - Navy - Destroyer

This is model kit of the Japanese Navy Destroyer Kagero. The lead ship of the Kagero class of destroyers included 19 in total. Laid down in September 1937, the Kagero was completed in just over 2 years and was commissioned in November 1939. While the Kagero is recognized as an effective destroyer design, like many of her counterparts she in fact ended up largely doing escort work, sheepherding carriers toward their goal, as she did in the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Later in the war she saw action on the "Tokyo Express" runs as destroyers were tasked with supplying and reinforcing beleaguered Japanese garrisons in the Solomons. She met her end at the hand of U.S. mines in 1943.
Key design features of the kit
The aft deck features the additional twin 12.7cm gun turret seen on early- WWII Kagero ships (it was replaced by antiaircraft guns later in the war). New parts depict the paravane and loading practice gun, plus an updated deck surface, to accommodate the new parts.

The efficient, uncluttered original Kagero deck is captured with great detail. New parts depict the bridge without radar room. Clear parts are used for windows. The early- WWII Kagero mast features less radar equipment than that on late-war ships such as the model kit of the Japanese Destroyer Yukikaze.


Scale: 1/350
Construction type: Assembly kit
Photo-etch parts: Included
Decals: Included
Special feature 1: Length: 338mm, width: 31mm
Special feature 2: Kit depicts the Kagero as she appeared at the start of WWII.
Special feature 3: Features brand new components depicting bridge parts, main mast, aft deck surfaces, twin 12.7cm gun mount, twin 25mm machine gun stations, mines and paravane (minesweeper apparatus).
Special feature 4: The kit can be assembled as a waterline or full hull model, and includes a display stand for the full hull type.
Special feature 5: Features left/right hull pieces with fine depiction of hull panel joints and degaussing cable.
Special feature 6: Metal parts are used to recreate anchor chains and propeller shafts, with tough ABS mast and flag staff parts.
Special feature 7: Poly caps are built in to the 3 twin 12.7cm gun turrets and 2 torpedo launchers to allow rotation.
Special feature 8: New photo-etched parts depict paravane crane, loop antenna and propeller guard with precision.
Special feature 9: New decals are included.