Tamiya Scale Models Battleship #78029 - 1/350 U.S. Battleship BB-63 Missouri (Circa 1991) [78029]

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1/350 Ship Series No.29
U.S. Battleship BB-63 Missouri (Circa 1991)
Item No: 78029

Length: 774mm.

An Intimidating Presence
The Iowa-class was the final, and largest of four U.S. battleship classes that were commissioned during WWII. The third of them was the USS Missouri, in June 1944. It was assigned to the Pacific Theater and participated in action around Okinawa, Iwo Jima and the main Japanese islands. In fact the signing ceremony of Japan's surrender documents took place on the Missouri's decks on September 3, 1945. Following the end of the Korean War, she was mothballed at the reserve fleet anchorage. Come 1986, however, she was refitted with various modern weaponry such as Tomahawk and Harpoon missiles, in addition to Vulcan and Phalanx weapons, to rejoin the U.S. Navy. Along with her sister ship the Wisconsin, the Missouri was deployed in the Gulf War in 1991 and fired some 28 Tomahawk cruise missiles on the first day of the conflict. In total, she fired in excess of 750 16-inch rounds in support of land troops. In March 1992 she was decommissioned once more after some 50 years of service, and she now resides in Pearl Harbor as a museum ship.

About the Model
★1/350 scale plastic display model assembly kit of the USS Battleship Missouri as she appeared in the Gulf War of 1991. ★Length: 774mm, Width: 94.5mm, Height: 182mm. ★Exceptionally detailed scale reproduction includes accurate depictions of the bridge, Tomahawk launcher deck, aft deck, dome-shaped radar, No.1 turret ventilator, deck ventilator and more. ★Narrow beam, bow and 4 screws on the hull are all faithfully recreated. ★12.7cm DP gun turrets, Mk 38 fire director and Mk 13 radar are also depicted. ★Modelers can choose from 2 sets of photo-etched parts to recreate air- and surface-search radars and discone antenna. ★Includes wire to recreate cables ★Comes with display stand.

■Highly detailed bridge, weapon deck and radar reproduce details which were seen during the Gulf War.        
■Ventilator at the rear of the Turret No.1 is depicted with separate parts.        
■Parts included to depict the RQ-2 Pioneer unmanned aerial vehicle and its stand.

■Tomahawk launcher deck, harpoon missile launchers, Phalanx and Vulcan weapons are accurately reproduced.        
■Newly tooled aft deck features fines details. Photo-etched helicopter deck fences can be depicted in open or closed position.        
■Includes accessories such as 2 SH-60B Seahawk helicopters, 2 16-inch rounds, and 2 tomahawk cruise missiles.

■Choose between photo-etched or resin parts to depict bow-mounted discone antenna.        
■Extensive set of photo-etched parts depicts helicopter deck fence, air- and surface-search radars, discone antenna and more.        
■Includes 14-page B5 reference manual with pictures.

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