Tamiya Scale Models Battleship #77514 - 1/700 U.S. Aircraft Carrier Enterprise [77514]

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1/700 Water Line Series
U.S. Aircraft Carrier Enterprise
Item No: 77514

Length: 350mm.

Despite having just a medium displacement of 19,900 tons, the Enterprise, affectionately known as the "Big E," played a major role in many important battles in the Pacific. Of the 22 major naval actions in the Pacific theater in WWII, the Enterprise was present for 18 of them, and though she was damaged 15 times she always returned to action and became a symbol of the U.S. Navy's determination for victory. This assembly kit accurately reproduces this famous ship as she appeared during the later stages of the war, complete with increased AA armament and Hellcat, Corsair, Avenger, and Helldiver aircraft.

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