Tamiya Scale Models Battleship #31910 - 1/700 Royal Australian Navy Destroyer Vampire [31910]

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1/700 Water Line Series
Royal Australian Navy Destroyer Vampire
Item No: 31910

Length: 136mm.

The Malaysian Battler
The British V Class warships have established the basic style for present day destroyers. The Vampire was built in England and was commissioned as a warship in 1917. Later in 1933, it was transferred into the Royal Australian Navy. In December 1941, she was deployed to fight in Malaya and was involved in the rescuing of crewmen from the sinking British battle cruiser Repulse. In April the following year, the Vampire was sunk near the British Colony Ceylon.

●Standard Displacement:1,090 tons ●Length: 95.1m ●Width: 9m ●Speed: 34 knots ●Horsepower: 27,000 ●Armament: 10.2cm Mk.V guns x4, 7.6cm Mk.L gun x1, 53.3cm torpedo tubes (triple mount) x6

About the Model
This is a 1/700 plastic model assembly kit of the Royal Australian Navy Destroyer Vampire, Length: 136mm. ★On the front and rear deck, the main batteries can be found on either side of the bridge tower. It is said that the placement of the torpedo tubes and the like is to be of epoch making for those days, which is precisely reproduced in the model. ★The main batteries and torpedo tubes are moveable. You are able to enjoy the setting of your choice. ★A Naval ensign sheet and the ships numbering decals are included.

■Main Tamiya Colors required: TS-81 (XF-80) Royal light grey, XF-53 Neutral grey, XF-1 Flat black

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