Tamiya Scale Models Aircraft #60318 - 1/32 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter Model 52 (ZEKE) [60318]

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1/32 Aircraft Series No.18
Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter Model 52 (ZEKE)
Item No: 60318

Length: 285mm.

The Ultimate Zero
The A6M5 Zero Fighter Model 52 has been thoroughly reproduced with the finest of details and moveable parts providing you with one superb 1/32 scale model. Tamiya has put their heart and soul into creating this splendid model. This set comes with metal parts depicting the 20mm cannon barrels and pitot tube for a sharper finish. Fine details such as the pre-painted machine gun barrels and the metal plated pitot tubes really make this model stand out. One new set of markings to depict an aircraft on the Aircraft Carrier Junyo at the Marianas is included. Furthermore, you are able to safely store your finished model in its special packaging. This refined model accurately represents the A6M5 Model 52 Zero Fighter which fought against overwhelming numbers of superior U.S. aircraft. Reproducing this amazing piece of Japanese aircraft technology is truely enjoyable.

■The lower fuselage has been exactly reproduced with moveable landing gears for your enjoyment.
■The Nakajima "Sakae" type 21 engine and the cockpit interior are rich in detail.
■The finished model can be stored in its own packaging after removing the belly tank and propeller.
■Metal parts depicting 20mm cannon barrels and pitot tube are included. Photo-etched parts can be applied to the model's moving parts.

About the Zero
The Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero was the Japanese Navy's main fighter throughout the Pacific Theater during WWII. In the latter half of the war, the model 52 Zero, a refined version of the model 22, aimed to take on the ever increasing numbers of high-performance U.S. aircraft. It featured a shorter 11m wingspan with rounded wingtips, was powered by the same 1130hp Nakajima "Sakae" engine as seen in the model 22 Zero, and had the new exhaust propulsion system which gave it a 565km/h top speed. The A6M5 came armed with two 7.7mm machine guns and 20mm belt-feed type cannons on each wing. Deployment of the A6M5 began in the autumn of 1943, and they saw action at the Solomon campaign as well as the Marianas. It fearlessly defended Japan against overwhelming numbers and superior U.S. aircraft up until the very last day of the war.

■Beautiful proportions of the A6M5 with shortened wings and a refined engine cowling.
■The subtle curves of the engine cowling is accurately reproduced.
■Exhausts and heat resistant side fuselage panels have a beautiful finish.
■Set includes two pilot figurines in seated and standing poses. The goggles transparent parts add greater realism to the model.

Feel the Full Force of Big Scale
The charm of this kit is its 7 moveable parts. As you will see and enjoy, this model is large in stature and comes full of top quality details accurately reproducing the actual aircraft. While building your model, you will get to know more about the actual plane.

■Metal parts depict both the main gear wells and Oleo shock absorber and are also moveable.
■The wings feature highly detailed moveable ailerons and flaps.
■You can move the rudder and elevators into different positions.
■Lowering the landing aircraft hook enables access to an internal mechanism to move the rear wheel.

About the Model
This is a 1/32 scale plastic assembly kit model of the A6M5 Zero Fighter model 52 Zeke which fought in the latter stages of WWII. ★Length: 285mm, Width: 344mm. ★The beautiful body line from the uniquely curved engine cowl to the wings is faithfully reproduced. ★In addition to the realistically reproduced fuselage, the Nakajima "Sakae" type 21 engine and the cockpit interior are rich in detail. ★The rudder, flaps, and the lower fuselage parts are all moveable. ★Choice of either open or closed cowl flaps and canopy. ★Included metal parts ensure a sharp finish for the 20mm cannons and pitot tube. Machine gun barrels have been pre-painted. ★Photo-etched parts depicting metal parts such as air intake mesh and seatbelts are included for greater realism. ★The kit comes with four kinds of decals including one all-new option as well as masking seals for the canopy. ★Two pilot figures in standing and seated positions are included. ★A display stand to depict the Zero "In-Flight" is included. ★Completed model can be stored in the special packaging.

■Main Tamiya Colors required: AS-21 Dark green 2 (IJN), AS-2 Light gray

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