Tamiya Scale Models #31037 - 1/700 JMSDF Defense Ship FFM-1 Mogami | 1/700 Water Line Series

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Item No:310371/700 Water Line Series


Length: 190mm.

The first ship of the revolutionary Mogami class, the FFM-1 Mogami was commissioned in April 2022. The first JMSDF defense ship to be given mine-clearing capabilities, it features mine-clearing equipment under the flight deck. Twelve ships are planned for the class, and are presently being rolled out with Mine Warfare and Fleet Escort Forces.

FFM-1 Mogami specifications

♦Displacement: 3,900 tons

♦Length: 133.0 meters

♦Engine output: 70,000PS

♦Speed: 30 knots approx.

♦Crew: 90

About the Model

♦This is a 1/700 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 190mm, width: 23mm.

♦The highly modern low-observability design of the ship and its superstructures is artfully captured.

♦Mast parts are slide molded for a modeler-friendly assembly experience without sacrificing detail.

♦Superstructure elements are assembled in individual blocks which can be snap-fitted into the hull without the need for cement.

♦Choose between open and closed helicopter hangar shutters.

♦The main gun is movable and features barrel elevation.

♦Features 0.4mm thickness antenna components.

♦Decals are included to recreate the first six ships of this class. Deck decals save time on the paint job.

★The highly modern low observability design is a fresh new presence in the venerable Water Line Series.

★Central superstructures are assembled as individual blocks which can then be inserted into the hull without needing cement.

★The pyramidal "UNICORN" mast is another distinctive feature of the FFM-1 Mogami.

★The mast is a slide-molded part, allowing a faithful 3D depiction without rendering the assembly process overcomplex.

★Sea-to-sea missile launchers and whip antenna are finely detailed separate parts.

★A poly cap in the L/62 5-inch gun lets you rotate it. It can also be elevated!

★A minute SH-60K helicopter and JMSDF flag sheet are also included.

★The inside of the helicopter hangar is depicted, and is slotted into the hull without cementing.

★Choose whether to have the hangar shutter up or down.

★Helicopter rotors can be depicted out or folded away.

★The decal sheet includes markings for the first 6 ships in this class, plus deck details.