Tamiya Model #24361 - 1/24 Toyota GR 86 [24361]

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1/24 Sports Car Series no.361
1/24 Toyota GR 86
Item No: 24361

Length: 178mm.

New Toyota 86
The Toyota GR 86 is a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports car announced in April 2021. It has a broad stance, low center of gravity, and employs aerodynamic components rooted in motorsports. Hood, roof and front fenders are lightweight aluminum, and this car is powered by a 2.4-liter horizontally opposed four-cylinder boxer DOHC engine capable of 235hp. The suspension features front strut and rear double wishbone systems, and delivers direct, comfortable feel of driving to owners.

About the Model
This is a 1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 178mm, width: 74mm, height: 55mm. ★Features a realistic depiction of the stylish and powerful form. ★The model recreates the distinctive air outlets in front fenders as separate parts. ★Details such as a 2.4-liter horizontally opposed four-cylinder DOHC engine are faithfully depicted and the hood can be held open by a stay. ★The front and rear suspension is succinctly reproduced. ★Comes with metal transfers to add realism to side mirrors and rear-view mirror. ★Includes metal-plated parts to recreate taillight/reverse light cases and muffler end. ★Black 10-spoke wheels are paired with solid synthetic rubber tires for a realistic look.
★The aerodynamic form is realistically captured in style with rear fenders, side sill spoilers and a duckbill spoiler atop the trunk lid.    

★The hood is openable, and the details such as engine, battery, fuse box and radiator are all authentically depicted.    

★Features realistic renderings of undersurface details such as front, rear suspension and mufflers. Separate parts recreate front and rear stabilizers.

★The sporty interior details are realistically reproduced with dashboard, ABC pedals, manual transmission shift knob,and lever-type side brake.    

★Rear combination lights are painted with demarcation of clear parts, and metal-plated parts are included to depict muffler end.    

★Frames on the roof top are separate parts and window frames are molded with window parts for hassle-free painting job.

★Left: Window frames molded with window parts allow painting demarcation by using masking stickers.

★Right: Comes with decals to recreate license plates, instrument panels, and logos, and masking stickers to paint window and taillight cover area, plus metal transfers.

Information is current as of November 29, 2021. Specifications are subject to change without notice.