Tamiya Cement #87211 - Tamiya CA Cement & Primer Set (PP/PE/POM/EVA) [87211]

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Finishing Materials Series no.211
CA Cement & Primer Set (PP/PE/POM/EVA)
Item No: 87211

★This handy set includes both primer and CA cement for use with parts molded in difficult-to-cement polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyacetal (POM) and EVA. ★First, apply a thin coat of primer on the parts, allow it to dry, and then apply cement to one side of the joint. ★These finishing materials can also be used when cementing the named plastics to standard styrene parts, applying primer to the non-styrene part only. ★Primer: 3g, CA cement: 3g.

For use on the following plastics
●Polypropylene (PP) - Mini 4WD car wheels, etc.
●Polyethylene (PE) - poly caps, Educational Construction series wheels, etc.
●Polyacetal (POM) - Mini 4WD car chassis parts, etc.
●EVA - some types of military model track, etc.
★This set features 3 gram portions of Tamiya CA Cement and primer.
★The set can be used on tracks with instructions to heat-attach them.
★Pen-type primer allows easy application; it also dries in seconds.

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