Tamiya #95619 - Mini 4WD Car Catcher (Asia Challenge, Black) [95619]

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Grade-Up Parts Series no.619
Mini 4WD Car Catcher(Asia Challenge, Black)
Item No: 95619

★Pick up your Mini 4WD machine safely and smoothly using this unique piece of equipment. What's more, it requires no gluing or screws etc. to assemble!
★Made by simply folding and tucking in the 0.75mm polypropylene (PP) material.
★Three raised ribs on the base of the entry chute help to slow down the machine before it is caught.
★The assembled catcher can be stored as is, in the lower section of the Portable Pit.
★ Features Asia Challenge logo.
★ Approximate assembled dimensions (external): 110mm x 190mm x 70mm.

Information is current as of January 22, 2014. Specifications are subject to change without notice.