Tamiya #95618 - Mini 4WD Acrylic Setting Board (Smoke) [95618]

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Special Edition Mini 4WD Product
Mini 4WD Acrylic Setting Board (Smoke)
Item No: 95618

★Cover your Mini 4WD pit needs with this handy setting board! ★Molded in 2.5mm thickness tinted (Smoke) acrylic, it measures 190mm x 112mm and features markings to allow various checks to be made to your car. ★Put the car on top and measure length and width, or stand the board on its side and check out the height, tire diameter, roller positions and more. ★Scales, the Mini 4WD logo and other markings are made in white print. ★Fits neatly in the Portable Pit and Mini 4WD Racer's Box.

★Left: Place your car on top to check length and width, and whether all four wheels rest on the track.

★Right: Stand the board on its side to check out the car's height, tire diameter and roller angle.

Information is current as of February 15, 2021. Specifications are subject to change without notice.