Tamiya #95570 - Penguin Racer VZ Chassis [95570]

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Special Edition Mini 4WD Product
Mini 4WD Penguin Racer
Item No: 95570

Length: 158mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

★This assembly kit creates an exciting shaft-driven Mini 4WD car, the Penguin Racer. ★Its open top buggy-inspired body is molded in pastel blue, and inside at the wheel is the Penguin Racer, who is pre-painted and assembled, ready for installation.
★The model is based upon the lightweight, compact VZ chassis, molded in a tasteful combination of silver and light gray.
★Gold color metal-plated wheels are paired with white, hard low-profile tires that provide both great cornering and minimal bounce after landings.
★Comes with 5:1 speed gears and stickers to decorate the body.

Information is current as of January 26, 2021. Specifications are subject to change without notice.