Tamiya #95565 - Hexagonite Black Special (MA chassis) [95565]

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Special Edition Mini 4WD Product
Hexagonite Black Special (MA)
Item No: 95565

Length: 156mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Black Special!
Hexagonite Black Special is the special version of the model which won the TAMIYA AWARD in the 2018 Mini 4WD Design Contest held in Japan. The car provides powerful drive, and the body - created around hexagonal designs and inspired by SUVs - is molded in smoke color. The cheery metallic orange stickers depict the two stripes and the logo. Also, the MA chassis facilitates efficient drive, and uses soft-orange chassis and black A parts. The five spoke-wheels use super hard small-diameter low-profile tires. This model has eye-catching visuals, and provides high efficiency drive.

                ★Left: Tinted smoke is a perfect choice for the hexagon-heavy body design, and a striking contrast to the original model's green.

★Right: The MA chassis is molded in a color called soft orange, and features A parts molded in complementary black.

                ★Left: Orange five-spoke wheels are paired with super hard tires, which lower the risk of bouncing up and out of the track.

★Right: This image shows the concept drawing upon which the original Hexagonite was based.

The Ultra-Efficient MA Chassis
The MA (Midship AERO) Chassis has its motor in the center, and features a design which focuses upon achieving outstanding aerodynamic performance. It has six individual low-friction rollers, a rear skid bar and other speedy features developed thanks to years of design experience. The single-piece monocoque frame also guarantees that assembling and keeping the car well-maintained is a task that can be performed by beginners and veteran racers alike. Here, the MA chassis features a 3.5:1 gear ratio.

★Length: 156mm ★Width: 97mm ★Height: 44mm ★Includes motor ★Easy snap-together assembly

Separately Required Items
★R6/AA/UM3 batteries (x2)

Information is current as of September 28, 2020. Specifications are subject to change without notice.