Tamiya #95534 - Vise-Intruder [95534]

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Mini 4WD Product
Item No: 95534

This assembly kit creates a static Mini 4WD model known as the Vise-Intruder, and which featured in classic Mini 4WD comics in Japan. It features a unique variable tread system that allows Wide Mode (with front wheels in their widest positions) and Battle Mode (with front wheels pushed in side-by-side). Metal-plated parts give the model a mechanical look worthy of this Mini 4WD Mechanical Series subject. With alterations, the body and other components can be installed on the Super X, Super-1 and Super TZ chassis to create a racing model.

★Length: 178mm (Battle Mode) or 150mm (Wide Mode) ★Width: 67mm (Battle Mode) or 100mm (Wide Mode) ★Height: 36mm ★Easy snap-together assembly

Information is current as of January 31, 2020. Specifications are subject to change without notice.