Tamiya #95136 - JR HG MULTI ROLL SETTING STAY Rr 1.5Mm Carbon J-Cup '20 Gold [95136]

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This is a limited-edition carbon fiber stay to commemorate Japan Cup 2020! Use it to boost performance and give your car a new look! This features the same design as Item 95132, but with the print in gold.

• 1.5mm-thick Carbon Fiber Stay x1
• New shape enhances durability without sacrificing adaptability.
• Carbon fiber is a lightweight and rigid option for superior performance.
• Features carbon fiber surface pattern, and J-Cup/Tamiya print in gold.
• Attachment holes are included for 9mm, 13mm and 19mm rollers.
• Holes for mass dampers and brake parts at furthest rearward positions expand setup options.
• Compatible with MA, MS, FM-A, AR, Super-II, Super XX, Super X, Super TZ-X, and VS Chassis cars (some chassis/bodies may require modification).