Tamiya #95126 - Cyclone Magnum Memorial (Super TZ-X) Fully Cowled Mini 25th Anniversary (PC body) [95126]

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Limited Edition Mini 4WD Product
Cyclone Magnum Memorial (Super TZ-X Chassis)
Fully Cowled Mini 4WD 25th Anniversary
Item No: 95126

Length: 147mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

In Commemoration
This kit creates a very special commemorative version of the Cyclone Magnum to celebrate twenty-five years of the Fully Cowled Mini 4WD series. The compact cowls and honed wing design are rendered in lightweight, clear polycarbonate that promises a customizable and speedy car. Fittingly for a commemorative model, it has a special logo imprinted on the chassis underside saying "FULLY COWLED MINI 4WD 25th ANNIVERSARY." Green spiral spoke wheels are paired with black low-profile tires, and dedicated stickers include special commemorative designs.

★This image shows the clear body painted in Tamiya Color PS-1 White, reminiscent of the original kit.    

★Weighing in at around 8 grams less than ABS counterparts, the body will contribute to a lower center of gravity.    

★A special version of the Super TZ-X chassis has a commemorative mark in its White ABS - not to be missed!

Super TZ-X Chassis
The Super TZ-X is a 1999 evolution of the original Super TZ chassis, and sports a medium wheelbase with wide tread for superior stability. Features such as a flat underside and wing-shaped side guards were designed to contribute to an advanced aerodynamic package. The rear roller stay is attached at two points, and the front bumper features screw holes in anticipation of upgrades. It features a gear ratio of 3.5:1.

★Length: 150mm ★Width: 89mm ★Height: 42mm ★Includes motor ★Easy snap-together assembly

Separately Required Items
★R6/AA/UM3 batteries (x2)

Information is current as of November 19, 2019. Specifications are subject to change without notice.