Tamiya #94707 - Super X Nut Stop First Diameter Plating Wheel & Purple Barrel Tire (with Low Friction Washer) [94707]

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Limited Edition Mini 4WD Product
Super X Nut Fastened Plated Wheels L
& Purple Arched Tires (w/Low Fric. Washers)
Item No: 94707

You don't have to worry about your wheels falling off whilst racing any longer. This set features two double threaded shafts to which the wheels are then safely secured by nuts. The purple colored arched tires and silver metal plated wheels will definitely make your machine stand out. Also, included in the set are eight fluorine resin washers which assist to reduce the friction between the chassis and the wheels. This set can be used with Super X chassis machines.

Information is current as of December 16, 2009. Specifications are subject to change without notice.