Tamiya #94706 - Super X Nut Stop First Diameter Plating Wheel & Blue Barrel Tire (with Low Friction Washer) [94706]

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Limited Edition Mini 4WD Product
Super X Nut Fastened Plated Wheels S
& Blue Arched Tires (w/Low Fric. Washers)
Item No: 94706

You don't have to worry about your wheels falling off whilst racing any longer. This set includes 2 double threaded shafts to which the small diameter 5-spoke black metal-plated wheels are loaded onto and then secured by nuts. Also included in the set are the eye-catching blue arched wide tires and eight fluorine resin washers which assist to reduce the friction between the chassis and the wheels. This set can be used with Super X chassis machines.

Information is current as of December 16, 2009. Specifications are subject to change without notice.