Tamiya #74100 - Modelers Knife Pro - Curved Blade | Craft Tools Series

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Craft Tools Series

Modeler's Knife PRO Replacement Blade (Curved, 3pcs.)

Item No:74100 

TAMIYA 74100 Modeler Knife Replacement Blade (Curved, 3pcs): These curved replacement blades are perfect for use with the TAMIYA modeler knife. The curved shape allows for precise cuts in tight spaces, and the pack of 3 ensures long-lasting use.

Suitable for cutting soft fabric surfaces such as film, cloth, and Japanese paper. Plastic case included.


★ Brand: Tamiya

★ Item Type: Model Craft Tool

★ Item: Modeler`s Knife Replacement Blade (Curved, 3pcs)

★ Item Number: 74100

★ Blade Thickness: 0.45mm

★ Weight: 12g