Tamiya TT02 #54558 - OP.1558 RC TT-02 Aluminum Motor Mount [54558]

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This is an aluminum motor mount designed to replace the kit standard plastic mount on the TT-02 and TT-02 B car chassis. Anodized in Tamiya Blue, this aluminum mount replaces the kit-standard resin part, for more secure attachment and greater durability. Improves power transfer efficiency and lessens the likelihood of motor overheating. Each side of the mount has 5 pinion gear attachment positions, for a total of 10 potential gear ratios. Teeth numbers are laser engraved on the motor mount. Includes screws to attach the mount to the chassis.

For: Tamiya TT-02 and TT-02B
Material: Aluminum
Color: Blue

Motor Mount (1 pc)
Screw (2 pcs)