Tamiya #53334 - Tamiya Low Friction Damper V Parts (Damper Collar) [53334]

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Hop-Up Options no.334
Low Friction Damper V Parts (Damper Collar)
Item No: 53334

★These V parts are for use with a range of dampers, and molded in low-friction plastic for smooth motion. ★Includes pisonts, damper ends, spring retainers and more. ★Contains 2 sprues.

Compatible Chassis
DB01*5, DB02*5, DF-03*5, F103GT*4, F104*4, F104W*4, F104 PRO II, FF-03*1, FF-03 PRO*1, FF-04 EVO, M-07 Concept*3, M-08 Concept*2, TA05 Ver.II*1, TA06*1, TA06 PRO*1, TA06 MS*1, TA07 PRO, TA07 MS*1, TB-03*1, TB-03 VDS, TB-04 PRO, TB-05 PRO, TRF102, TRF103, TRF419, TRF419X, TRF419 XR, TT-01 Type-E*1, TT-01 Type-ES*1, TT-01D Type-E*1, TT-02*1, TT-02D*1, TT-02 Type-S*1, TT-02RR*1, XV-01*1, XV-01T*1 & XV-01 PRO*1 Chassis
*1 Use with Item 53571 TRF Damper Set (Fluorine Coated).
*2 Use with Item 42273, Item 42291 or Item 54000
*3 Use with Item 42102, Item 42273, Item 42287, Item 42291 or Item 54000
*4 Use with Item 53901 TRF Special Damper (F103GT).
*5 Use with Item 53926 DF-03 Aluminum Damper Set.

*The official Tamiya R/C Parts Matching List has plenty of information regarding chassis compatible with Tamiya Spare and Hop-Up Option parts.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.