Tamiya #19610 - DESERT-GOLEM, VS CHASSIS [19610]

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Aero Mini 4WD Series no.10
Item No: 19610

Surf the Sand in this Heavy Cruiser!
The Desert-Golem is the vehicle driven by the tough, new rival in the "Let's and Go!! Max" comic series, Khareem Hamed. Sporting a powerful body camouflaged with sand colored markings, this car conjures up images of a savage desert beast lurking among the sand dunes. Tire guards have been equipped on the front and rear wheels, and tank treads beef up the rear. The Desert-Golem uses the VS Chassis for superb cornering, small diameter narrow tires, and 3.5:1 gear ratio for extended top speed and furious acceleration. Try your hand at taming this wild desert creature!

★Overall Length: 145mm ★Overall Width: 90mm ★Overall Height: 37.8mm

Specifications are subject to change without notice.