Tamiya #18703 - JR AERO MANTA RAY, AR CHASSIS [18703]

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Mini 4WD REV Series no.3
Aero Manta Ray (AR Chassis)
Item No: 18703

Length: 158mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Aerodynamic Excellence
This high performance plastic Mini 4WD assembly kit is the third model launched in the aerodynamically-superior Mini 4WD REV Series, the Aero Manta Ray. The model's unique flowing form owes much to the fin-like shapes on both of the rear sides, and it features a small front wing. Large side air intakes and an air outlet on the rear of course lead to excellent aerodynamics, but here is the clever part: as the air flows through, it is also used to cool easy-to-overheat parts such as the battery and motor. The aerodynamic performance is further bolstered by the rear wing's "swan neck" design, in common use on many Japanese Super GT Series machines. The final touch of class is provided by metallic stickers included in the kit.

The Aero Manta Ray: a new evolution of a rich history
The Manta Ray has a rich history, including the popular 4WD R/C racing buggy and the Manta Ray Jr. (Racing Mini 4WD) and Manta Ray Mk. II (Mini 4WD PRO) models it spawned. A common theme among all the models are the fin-like body sides inspired by the form of the manta ray which swims the seas. The Aero Manta Ray's "swan neck" is the first example of such a rear wing in the Manta Ray series, as are the large air intakes and superior aerodynamics. It truly is a new evolution for the Manta Ray series.

Ground-hugging body with large diameter wheels
The curved body runs low to the ground, minimalizing air resistance. The gold-colored narrow 5-spoke wheels are lightweight and fitted with arched tires that in conjunction with the wheel's large diameter make it well-suited to tracks with longer straight sections.        

 ■In pursuit of aerodynamic excellence
In addition to great aerodynmics, the Aero Manta Ray can boast of having strength and width, both of which are key in Mini 4WD racing. It has these thanks to the AR chassis!         ■A really "cool" body!
Air passes smoothly over the body and into the chassis via the air intakes, cooling the motor and battery before exiting the rear of the chassis, giving it excellent cooling ability.         ■"Swan neck" rear stay
"Swan neck" rear wing stays were made popular in Japanese Super GT racing, and now appear on the Aero Manta Ray, accompanied by low-friction 13mm double rollers.

For more information about the AR chassis, please click here to see the page for the Aero Avante (Item 18701)

Specifications ●Length: 155mm ●Width: 97mm ●Includes motor ●Snap-together easy assembly

Separately Required Items
●R6/AA/UM3 batteries (x2)

Information is current as of February 21, 2013. Specifications are subject to change without notice.