Tamiya #15518 - FRP Rear Brake Stay Set[15518]

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Grade-Up Parts Series no.518
FRP Rear Brake Stay Set
Item No: 15518

★Brakes can make all the difference on undulating circuits, helping your car to last the distance. ★This set includes a stay molded in rigid FRP, with a large area to affix brake sponge, and in a shape that is designed to keep away from rollers. ★A number of holes are in the stay to allow attachment of option parts such as mass dampers and the like. ★2mm thickness brake sponge (red) and small parts for attachment are included.

Compatible Cars
MA, MS, FM-A, AR, VS, Super-II, Super X, Super XX and Super TZ-X Chassis cars

Information is current as of September 7, 2018. Specifications are subject to change without notice.