Tamiya #15463 - JR Multipurpose Tape - 10mm Width/Blue[15463]

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Grade-Up Parts Series no.463
Mini 4WD Multipurpose Tape (10mm Width/Blue)
Item No: 15463

★Versatile and handy tape which can be used to hold battery or other parts securely in place. ★Made from a semi-transparent material which is easy to cut and leaves little trace of its adhesive backing after removal. ★Cleared for use in official Mini 4WD races. ★10mm in width, and 15m in length. The design features the phrase "Tamiya Mini 4WD".

Tape your batteries firmly in place and there'll be less chance of them coming loose and spoiling your race.        
Give your machine a funky look by decorating various plates with the tape. It can even give you extra braking power if you stick it onto the skid bar.        
Of course, it can be used to decorate the body too. It can also be used for wrapping, and all sorts of other purposes!

Information is current as of July 12, 2013. Specifications are subject to change without notice.