Tamiya #15402 - Light-Dash Motor PRO [15402]

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This new motor for Mini 4WD machines has performance that strikes a good balance between the Hyper-Dash Motor PRO (Item 15375) and the Torque-Tuned Motor PRO(Item 15346). The Light-Dash Motor PRO now offers Mini 4WD drivers with another choice to power them to victory.
The Light-Dash Motor PRO offers excellent efficiency and superb endurance.
Requires installation of separately available 8T pinion gear, and maintenance of the counter and pinion gears.
This motor is for top level Mini 4WD drivers.
Can be used with any Mini 4WD PRO machines.
Yellow end bell.
**Intermediate motor has performance at a level between Torque-Tuned PRO & Hyper-Dash PRO.**
●Input Voltage: 2.4-3.0V
●RPM: 14,600 - 17,800
●Torque at recommended load: 1.3 - 1.9mN-m
●Current consumption: 1.5 - 2.2A