Tamiya #15396 - Small Dia. Offset Tread Tires[15396]

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These small diameter offset tread tires for Mini 4WD cars allow you to change the tread position to better prepare your machine for the track.

Four tires included in the set.

These tires can be used with Mini 4WD machines that use small diameter wheels. Their 24.2mm diameter is the same as small diameter tires found on Mini 4WD Pro machines.

Specifications regarding tire width in comparison with kit supplied tires from the Mini 4WD Knuckle Breaker are as follow:

Tire Width
Standard Kit Tire: 63.3mm
Offset Tread, Narrow: 57.8mm (-5.5)
Offset Tread, Wide: 67.8mm (+4.5)

*Depending on your set up, the total tire width can differ up to 10mm.

Tread and Performance
Narrow Tread:
Straight Stability: High
Cornering Stability: Low
Cornering Tire Traction: Low

Wide Tread:
Straight Stability: Low
Cornering Stability: High
Cornering Tire Traction: High