Tamiya #15376 - Offset Tread Tires [15376]

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These new Offset Tread Tires allow you to set your tire tread positioning to better prepare your vehicle for the track. Such specifications are as follows.

Position: Front Rear
Standard: 67 69
Narrow: 62 (-5) 63 (-6)
Wide: 72 (+5) 75 (+6)
Barrel type:66.7 66.7

By choosing a inside tread specification your stability improves and cornering resistance lowers but the cornering stability decreases whereas the opposite happens when using the Outside specifications. Can be used with the following chassis: Mini 4WD Pro that use large diameter wheels, Racer, Super Full Cowl, Aero, & Mighty Mini 4WD (If used with either Type 1,2, or 3 chassis, separately available large diameter wheels are required).