Tamiya #15258 - Steering System [15258]

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Mini 4WD Tune-Up Parts Series No.258 (Item 15258)
STEERING SYSTEM SET     Substantially Improve your Race-Time
This steering system maximizes motor power by automatically adjusting the direction of the front wheels during cornering. The set is equipped to fit either small or large diameter tires, allowing selection of tires according to track conditions.

After attachmentCorneringSmall Dia. Tires OK!
 Mini 4WD Fighter Puts the Steering System to the Test
The Mini 4WD Fighter was not satisfied just hearing how effective this set was, he had to find out for himself. So he rigged up his favorite machine with the Steering Set and hit two a couple of his favorite Mini 4WD courses. Check out the table below to see the substantial difference that this set provides.
Words of Advice from the Mini 4WD Fighter
After trying several settings, he found setting his front rollers narrow and rear rollers wide offered the highest running stability. He recommends you all to try the settings best suited to your local track !

 With Steering System    Without Steering System
Oval Home Course 10 laps    11.81 sec    12.04 sec
Junior Circuit 12 laps            19.88 sec       20.12 sec