Power HD Gyro G1 Drift Dual System GOLD RED Silver

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This is Power HD Aluminum G1 High Stability Gyro Silver For Drift Car. The high-voltage compatible gyro makes use of a high-quality chip and PID control system, it features end point adjustment, dual system operation to adapt to different tracks and driver habits in the best possible way and it is housed in a CNC-machined 2-colour aluminium case that is available with silver, gold or red details.


    For: RC Drift Car
    Material: Aluminum
    Color: Black / Silver


    Size: 25.6 x 24.5 x 8.0mm
    Weight: 12.0g
    Operating Voltage: 4.8-7.4v
    Operating Current: 20mA /6V
    Support the servo pulse width: 1520us(50Hz&333Hz)
    Control System: PID control system
    Sensor: American Invensense
    Angular Velocity: maximum ±4000/s


    Power HD Aluminum G1 High Stability Gyro Silver (1 pc)