iMax B6 v3 Charger 80W with 12V 6amp Adaptor

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iMax B6v3 Description:

Input voltage DC:11-18V
Charge current 0.1-6.0A
Discharge current 0.1-2.0A
Charge power Max.80W
Discharge power Max.5W
Balance current 200mA
Charging Capability ,LiHv,,:1-6cells
Pb battery voltage 2-24V
Temperature sensor port :Yes
Built-in balance :Yes
Dimensions 135*86*32mm (L*W*H)
B6 V3 is an upgrade version of imax ,high power battery LiHV and smart battery I,II,III. Max charger power 80W,discharger power 5W, max charge current 6A discharger current 2A with high charging efficiency.
-Microprocessor controlled
-High-Power and high-performance circuit.
-Automatically identify the cells counts of lithium battery section.
-Check lithium battery internal
-Support LiHV battery
-Support smart battery I,II,III.(need optional smart battery charging cable)
-Maximum Safety: Low Input Voltage setting. Capacity limit, processing time limit, Temperature Threshold.
-Terminal Voltage Control.(The charge termination voltage can be set according to the actual situation to protect the battery.)
-Individual cell balancing, cell voltage Monitoring
-Data storage and loading (Store up to 20 packs in memory)
-Battery break in and cycling
-Digital Power
- Always Balance-Charging For LiPo s: when charging any of these LiPo packs, Always use the balance charge mode & use the balance connector/board.
- NOTE: Only supports Li-Ion & LiPo RC s that has a balance connector. DO NOT charge any s without a balance plug!
** Ignoring these WARNINGS could result in fire or personal/property damages **
Universal Voltage Compatibility Compatible with
1.2V-18V NiMH/NiCD batteries (1-15 Cells)
3.7V-22.2V LiPo/Li-ion batteries (1-6 Cells)
3.2V-19.2V LiFePO4 batteries (1-6 Cells),
4.35V -26.1V LiHV batteries (1-6 Cells)
2V-20V PB batteries.