3RACING D5 Sakura D5S Sport Edition Version 1 & Version 2 # KIT-SAKURA-D5S

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Features include
~ 3.0 ratio gear transmission
~ Rear-wheel drive
~ Rear motor placed
~ Gear Style differential
~ Front IFS absorber
~ Free length wide @ Front n Rear
~ KPI steering
~ Most clearances lower arm
~ Magnet body most standard
~ Double Wipers steering
~ All Fibreglass
~ Wider front Bumper
~ Lift up servo places
~ Front n Rear wide 198mm
~ Wheel base 260mm
~ Full ball bearing

*** Chassis only ***

Version 2 
- Improvements absorb setting on your D5S 魂
- Improved more sensitivity reaction in the front feedback!

P/S If you have vesrion 1, you may refer to below for upgrade to version 2
 - Parts needed as following:
    M3x6x2.5mm spacer x 4pcs
    M3x6x1mm spacer x 4pcs

1. Plus a 1mm to get wider on the lower arms to increase the steering angle and plus the 2.5mm spacer on the ball stud for the front damper linkage
2. Tune the upper linkage increase 1mm to approx 7.5mm gap
3. Add a 1mm spacer in the steering linkage up to 3mm or using 1x3mm Spacer instead like as shown in the picture
4. Reversed the rocker arms setting like shown in the picture
5. Placed 2.5mm spacer in the down side of the rocket arm post to avoid the linkage hit the front bulkhead
6. Tuned the damper linkage to 11mm gap!

*** Chassis only ***
NOTE: All electronics shown in photos sold separately.
NOTE: All Assembly kit will take 4 days for assemble (No Return / No Exchange / No Refund).