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    Hatori Mufflers and Parts

      Hatori 50NS-3D for YS50/OS50/Sceadu/ - Hat#521
      Hatori 521 is designed for OS50 and YS50 engine
      Out of stock
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      Hatori Muffler 56NS-3D - Hat#566
      Is designed for Thunder Tiger RL-53H, OS55 HZ and YS56 engine
      Out of stock
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      Hatori 90FS-3D for OS91-Spec - Hat#939
      Specifically tuned for the OS 91SZ-H engine, more mid range torque and higher RPM range
      Out of stock
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      Hatori Fluorine O-Ring 3.5mm - Hat#153
      High Quality Silicone O'Rings (Black)
      Stock available
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